Monday, February 24, 2003

As my first post to the INCITE weblog, I thought I should post something about weblogging. Big news in the blogging world: GOOGLE BUYS BLOGGER. Blogger is the largest host for weblogs internationally, and this purchase has a number of potentially interesting consequences. One immediate outcome is the fact that it appears the company have gone through all their blogspot subscribers and deleted all those weblogs which have not received a recent post; if this is true, it means the loss of a whole archive of early takeup weblogs, which is sad.
INCITE members met on friday for a new round of reading group sessions. First up was me; we discussed my ongoing research with UK webloggers and the different kinds of analytical approaches sociologists might take as compared to anthropologists [me]. The discussion once again returned us to the comparison between the study of art objects and texts; and in particular, the distinctions between the anthropology and sociology of art. In this regard, I still find Gell a promising starting point for my own attempt to think about what could be distinctive about the anthropological study of text [and in this case digital text].