Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Things are happening here. Digital music in the home, blogging and photoblogging, individualisation and digital video, the use of the internet in public spaces, mobility and immobility, witness appeal boards and forms of writing in, and on, the city: all are active areas of inquiry for INCITE researchers. What unites the projects is their basic approach to asking questions and seeking answers: each project draws on critical theory, ethnography, design, new media, and science and technology studies, and each in its own way is collaborative betwixt and between these disciplines. On the web, INCITE’s home is: www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/incite. Off the web, it all happens between London and the University of Surrey's Sociology Department, in Guildford, which houses INCITE's offices. Look to those sites for the stable information about us.

This blog will offer a more quotidian perspective on INCITE’s work: reports from the field, work in progress, things as they go. It will discuss issues methodological and theoretical, and it will try to provide insight into the inner workings of our various research projects. There are 6 researchers in all. Below, they are listed with a short description of their active areas of research. Use this as a key to future posts. And please check back; we will update the blog at least weekly.

[you can find full bios here: www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/incite/staff.htm]
Dr. Nina Wakeford (director of INCITE): oversees the researchers at INCITE, works on the group’s collaborative projects, and is often on the lookout for new ones. Currently studying design practice, technologies in the city, queer theory, and the perils of interdisciplinary translation. N.wakeford@soc.surrey.ac.uk

Zoe Tenger – Meeting and travel arranger, one who transcribes, coffee maker, biscuit buyer, and doer of all those things which make the office tick over and who brings everyone together from time to time. z.tenger@soc.surrey.ac.uk

Dr. Adam Reed (research fellow): researching blogging, political activism online, public texts in the city. Currently interested in material culture of reading and writing, anthropology of literature, the 'urban' and new technologies of perception. a.reed@soc.surrey.ac.uk

Kris Cohen (research fellow): researching mobility, digital photography and photoblogs. k.cohen@soc.surrey.ac.uk

Steve Smith (PhD CASE student): researching branding, digital photography and digital film. s.smith@surrey.ac.uk

Kate Orton-Johnson (PhD CASE student): looking at new technology in higher education, specifically student use of web-based resources and ideas about how technology is shaping the landscape of higher education; also interested in technology as both a fieldsite and a research tool, the object and means of study and how this affects the process of research methodologically and analytically. k.orton-johnson@soc.surrey.ac.uk

Gerard Oleksik (PhD CASE student): researching digital music in the home. g.oleksik@soc.surrey.ac.uk

That’s us. Please write if you have questions. See you in the posts below.