Tuesday, February 25, 2003

We may talk to you about collaboration, and collaboration with artists, and collaboration with designers, and 24-29 hour monster collaborative sessions that take place in Rotterdam or Hastings, in museums or cages, with artists, designers, scientists, engineers or whomever, but now you can watch it happen live and streamed to the web. You can even chat with it (if you have a pc; sorry mac users). See Nina Wakeford inhabit the "Habituation Cage" with video artist Paul Wong, for 24 hours straight, as part of the launch of Code Zebra (gawk and chat here: www.codezebra.net) at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF '03). But hurry, they set her free Wed. 25th Feb. at 4pm GMT. Log on in the middle of the night to see whether they're awake.