Monday, March 24, 2003

PHOTOBLOGGING ON THE WALL: This is link to a BBC article about a pub in North London that allows patrons to send photos from their phones to a large screen in the pub. We recently had a workshop with Sapient designers (a "design session") where Adam and I presented ideas from our ethnographies of blogs and photoblogs and the group then worked together to think about potential product and design implications of these findings. One of the connections we made was between the desire to write a blog and the desire to leave marks on the city (e.g. graffiti) : both can be a public medium for what would otherwise be private sentiments, and there are obviously strong compulsions to display oneself in these ways. In this context, we talked about a system that would allow passerbys to post SMS messages or photos literally to a public space: a wall, a board, the side of a building (for instance, what if pedestrians could post messages via line-of-sight connection to that pulsating wall on the walkway between the Royal Festival Hall and Waterloo station in London). We'll have to visit this pub. I'm curious about what kinds of photos people display, and how these relate to the kinds of photos people display on their blogs and the images they paint on the sides of trains.