Saturday, May 03, 2003

URBAN TAPESTRIES: On Thursday, I attended a workshop for the Urban Tapestries project. As a "forum for sharing experience and knowledge, for leaving ephemeral traces of peoples’ presence in the geography of the city" Urban Tapestries, in its conception, shares a lot of practical, geographical and representational ground with blogging. And Proboscis, the group who runs the project, is rife with smart, interesting people who, you won't be surprised to hear, attract lots of smart, interesting people to their workshops. Technologists, designers, social scientists, geographers, all eager and generous. We thought a lot about the kinds of traces people might want to leave on the city, were they to be given the means; about the meaning and production and contingencies of "social knowledge"; about the kinds of entities that cities are, in comparison to the web, books, memories, etc.