Friday, July 18, 2003

Been a long time between posts, hasn't it? In this sense, the calendric form is the blogger's bane and boon; when one hasn't posted, one knows precisely how embarrassingly long it's been since the last post; and conversely, frequent posting must be a nice source of pride (but we wouldn't know). I was at the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) conference last week and gave a new version of the photoblogging paper. Mary (who will introduce herself here soon) has been busy at her summer IDEO internship and the 100 other things she does around the sociology department and INCITE. Nina and Adam are soon off to Portland for intensive work sessions with Intel. Kat (who will also introduce herself soon) is doing great and diversely ethnographic work on the 73 bus route, working with blogs as analytical tools, and dropping jaws with her encyclopedic knowledge of routemaster buses. Gerard troops ahead with his reading and early work on digital music in the home. Kate is writing up and writing up and writing up her dissertation. And we'll all endeavor to be a bit more regular with our posts here.