Thursday, August 07, 2003

I have been really enjoying interviewing for, researching and publishing the No.73 bus project. It has given me the unique opportunity of experiencing other people's lives if only for a moment and I am gaining insights into how they feel about the bus, its place in the London cityscape and the social space it provides for passengers.
Last week I ventured into a green cabbie caf on Russell Square and talked with some very friendly cab drivers, one of which just happened to be an ex-Routemaster driver.
On Tuesday I talked with a Vespa rider and yesterday I spent the morning at the Tottenham Garage talking with bus drivers and conductors, some who had been on the job for 25 years. Dave Jones and Alan Carlton gave me a tour of the garage and introduced me to lots of people who were very open and interested in sharing their stories with me. I even got to wear a flouro yellow vest and sit in the drivers cab of a 73 bus. I took lots of photos and recorded many stories which will be up on the site very soon. I am visiting the Garage again next week to talk with more drivers and conductors as well as the Lost Property Department about the weird and wonderful things left by people on the 73.
The website is developing everyday so it is worth a regular look at the moment and the new comment enabled blog will be launched officially next week (as opposed to the one I have linked at the moment). So comments, stories and general feedback will be great to have. - kat