Monday, August 11, 2003

I met with the guys who created this weekend, up in Newcastle. They run an excellent mobile blogging or moblogging host site. We talked for hours at Baltic through mouthfuls of the world's largest pieces of carrot cake; like bricks they were. And among many great topics, one of my favourites was about the differences between developing a site as they have—without commercial interests; also: iteratively, because they initially just wanted to please themselves, because they are mobloggers themselves, etc.—and developing a similiar site, as many currently are, with commercial interests. In significant ways, the differences are epistemological--questions of knowledge and knowing and how one comes to know what they think they know. Commericial and non-commercial, for whatever else they are, are stances taken towards one's work (in this case, towards bloggers and mobloggers and photomessaging phones and photography and mobility and etc.).