Monday, October 13, 2003

For those of you who haven’t yet met me, my name’s Sian and I joined [INCITE] last Wednesday [01/10/03] with the aim of learning all about how ethnography might be relevant to TV programme makers and the programme commissioning process.

I’m a Director/Producer of Factual programmes at the BBC and (thanks to a BBC training scheme called SkillsXchange) I’ve got 6 months salary covered so I’m freed up to spend time outside my department garnering information and different approaches to take back (I’ll also be going to Mustoes advertising agency and to work on Making It Happen – Greg Dyke’s cultural change programme).

It’s been a busy [first] 3 days and a complete culture shock – I started out being proud that I’d not only heard of, but actually read, one of the books on my “reading list” – the Tipping Point. And yes I enjoyed it too – I guess the test of my time with you all will be what I think of it in 3 months time – apparently it’s an example of how not to do things.
-Sian Griffiths