Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hi. I just had an interesting experience on campus here at the University of Surrey (branded UniS - does the university think it can create an effective brand by just giving it a new name?). Anyway, a rep from The Guardian is here outside the uni shop selling copies of the paper for the normal reduced rate of 20p. But today, included in the price is a Guardian mug.
After swapping my 20p for the goods, I was also given a sachet of Fair Trade coffee. 'Oh', I said, to which the rep replied 'we wouldn't give just anything away, only those things that fit in with our brand image'. He then proceeded to put the paper, the mug and sachet in a plastic bag that, I am told from elsewhere, will take tens of years (possibly hundreds?) to degrade. So, does this fit into The Guardian's brand image? An interesting contradiction?
Meanwhile, I have sent an email to Rebecca Davies from Marketing at The Guardian asking for her comments.