Thursday, November 06, 2003

I presented some of my work with digital photgraphers to other PhD students, and staff yesterday. It summarised a chapter of my PhD in which I investigate an online group of digital photographers, all of whom have a Fuji branded digital camera. So, there are three elements to the group: digital photography, the Fuji brand, and the community itself.
In the presentation I focused upon how digital photography are the brand are 'performed' by members of the group. Through communication by email and posting photographs onto their website, members tell 'stories' that help to defined what digital photography and the brand are. Therefore what they 'are' in the life of the group, build upon already exisitng stories from producers and intermediaries (e.g. designers, marketers, advertisers and writers in magazines related to digital photography), but they also go beyond them to construct them in ways that are in some ways unique to the group.
I think it went really well, although I experienced some prior problems with a couple of video clips. It pays to have all your software up to date, in this case windows media player 9.