Friday, November 28, 2003

We have been checking out many of the internet cafes in Adelaide. They provide access via their desktop computers for as little as $2 for 20mins or $5 for an hour including a free coffee. Some places offer ‘Lock-ins’ which includes 6 hours internet access for $13 and is only available at particular times like midnight to 6am on the weekend. We have also found one cafe that is trialling their wireless network so we are using it for free.

We are finding people in cafes to be very very helpful. The other day when Nina and I were having trouble trying to get online with our laptops, we had spread out over the tables and were taking ethernet cables off desktops which meant semi-dismantling the desk units. The manager felt so apologetic for our trouble that he gave us free coffee, called up the service provider and sat on hold for 30mins trying to get through and ask for help. We found this attitude in all the cafes we entered (three so far) and in each despite the fact we were were trying to access the Citilan network. The cafe owners may not understand the wireless network but feel responsible for the use of it in their space. In fact one lovely (but slightly deranged) woman offered to find 'the cord for the wireless computer'. She came back a few minutes later and said it was lost.

So now I am connected it all seems pretty effortless, though I can only sit in the mall until my battery runs out. A few days ago we found a cafe that rearranged their tables to allow us access to a power cable to keep working. So we had power but no internet access. It appears you have to be dedicated to find out how to use the wi-fi system as a visitor to the city. Maybe it is easier as a local but without any signage or iconography anywhere it requires a good half day to sort it out - not a normal tourist activity.

I have been unable to blog the bus for a while but am very excited to see three new bus stories have been added. Have a look.

and one more (bad) joke....what do you call a kangaroo crossed with a sheep?
a woolly jumper.
- kat