Tuesday, January 27, 2004

We are bad, bad bloggers—just look at the date of that last post! But if we lived in a world where 1 day = 2 weeks of our current time, we'd be medium-prolific bloggers.

Contrary to site activity here, we are all back and working. Kat, however, is still in Australia, but due back soon. Adam and Nina are both around and working hard, though deserving of rest after having successfully hosted an international 2-day conference called Approaching the City: Alternative Urban Studies. Jenny is pushing ahead with her work on reproductive technologies, and sadly-happily, due to be done with her post at INCITE early in February. Mary, Steve, Kate and Gerard appear to be bravely and gracefully leaping the various hurdles of their PhD work. And Sian, from the BBC, has moved onto the second phase of her secondment with INCITE: a position with an interesting London advertising agency (all in a quest to better understand how social science methods might help the BBC in the design of their programming). In more distant radar blips, Nina and I will be speaking again at the Banff New Media Centre in April, at a conference called "Simulation and Other Re-enactments: Modeling the Unseen". So, here's to better blogging.