Friday, February 13, 2004

I'm back from Australia, back into Winter and back into lots of projects. Yesterday I gave a seminar called Place to Place; Technology, Mobility and the City. It was part of the ongoing Department of Sociology seminar series and I had a chance to talk about my 73urbanjourneys project. It was a very useful exercise in critically analysing the blog as an experimental methodology in a sociological context. I am now narrowing down the most interesting issues in order to start some writing about it.
I had a really interesting day today. I spent the morning with Sian (our BBC producer). We met in Soho aiming to capture footage of wi-fi users. I have only been away a month or so but so much has changed. I used to go to Benugo on Berwick Street for a coffee and wi-fi but it's now an art shop! It seems Gt. Portland Street is now the wifi street. Benugo (£2 on food = 30mins) has relocated there and I found Adam's Eatery a bit further north who uses 'Ready to Surf'. I also had a look at the Park Bench tv project in Bedford Square. The bench has markings on it so you know you are in the right spot, the signal was strong and it was free. If only it was Summer.
- kat