Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Digiplay seminar provided a wonderfully open and discursive space for ideas at their most delicate - the research project in process. There was an eclectic and rich mix of papers about the use of mobile phones in clubs, websites as a form of interactive travel, the methodological challenges of observing people observing animals in zoos, sonic landscapes and the ipod user and my paper on wireless application systems. It was really interesting how each paper almost introduced the next one and so created a really tightly defined seminar. My paper was about my experience as a core member on Urban Tapestries, and the weblog comments from the public trial in December in relation to de Certeau's 'Walking in the City' (1988). I recently blogged about it on the UT blog . It was a great day and I will use many of the ideas for further work in this area.
Now I am just getting ready for the "TechnoCulture Knowledge and Innovation Summit" in Vancouver next week, where (in contrast to other opinion) I aim to be quite well behaved.