Friday, April 23, 2004

Katrina Jungnickel, our own Kat, will be dispersing herself widely and well.

First, here: DigiPlay 2: Mobile Leisure and the Technological Mediascape, where she will be giving a paper entitled Urban Tapestries: Sensing the City and other stories

Then here, in Vancouver, Canada: Virtual(ly) Research: The (re)Mediatization of Culture, where she will be intelligently heckling and sometimes raising her hand to speak in turn and with characteristic blink-twice creativity.

And Nina Wakeford, likewise, who will be at the Vancouver conference, above, and just prior to that, she'll be here:
Banff New Media Institute summit: Simulation and Other Re-enactments: Modeling the Unseen.

I'll be in Banff as well, talking about my collaboration with Ben Coode Adams.

We arrive in pairs; we return with reinforcements. Creepy.