Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This morning I caught the No.73 into the Tottenham Bus garage for an interview session in the caf. 4 hours, 5 interviews, pages of notes, a bbq lunch and a 35p mug of tea later and I am slowly unfolding the experience. It is one of those places where there is simultaneously nothing going on and too much happening. People flow in and out, on and off and inbetween shifts just like passengers on a bus. I spoke with three drivers and two conductors at different caf tables over the din of chatter, tv noise and clinking cutlery and the leftovers of late breakfasts, lunches and early afternoon teas - eggs and beans on toast, bacon sandwiches, chips, rice and meat dishes, I could smell fish cooking and of course countless mugs of tea. They were interviews about technology, mobility and sociality in a convivial space. I should have the results on the website soon.