Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Steve Kurtz and the Mutability of Things

People are following this story, right?

Science and Technology Studies (STS) and feminist technoscience both offer ways for thinking about the interdependence of people and things, humans and machines. But who is writing about the mutability, the over-readability of things, the susceptibility of objects like a "mobile DNA extraction laboratory for testing food products for possible transgenic contamination" ( to be read in whatever way best serves the cause of the war against terror? Lots of people, actually, including STS and technoscience scholars. This strikes me as the same old tactic, named by Foucault inter alia, of controlling the epistemological high ground, controlling the means of interpretation. The very possibility. But then, it can be dangerous to assume familiarity with a tactic of power. Maybe this is something new.