Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nina and I are off to the 4S & EASST Conference 2004 tonight. We're giving a paper together on Saturday (even though the organisers refused to list my name in the programme), which is the last day of the conference (I hate speaking on the last day). It's called "BIT-work and other new media art practices." Here is the abstract:

This paper will look at the emerging conversations between sociologists and artists using new media. Beginning with a discussion of an early BIT intervention in a feminist technology symposium in San Francisco, the paper introduces the ways in which artists begin to use concepts of ‘the sociological’ in their work. The authors will focus on the more recent work of Thomson and Craighead, and their how their work might constitute an intervention in STS. The paper will challenge STS to think about its own sense of interactivity and agency through collaborations and conversations with new media artists.