Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I met with two really interesting people today. In addition to stimulating chatter about their work, studio structures and research processes they both demonstrated tools which help them make sense of, manage and creatively archive digital film footage.

Bas Raijmakers is currently finishing an MPhil in Interaction Design at the RCA. We met at Ubicomp where we discovered similar interests in alternative visual ethnographic methods. He talked through his work 'How to use film in design research. Inspiring and informing interaction design through visual media' and introduced me to the Korsakow system, which I have already downloaded and started to play with. The Korsakow system is interactive narrative software designed by Mediamatic Amsterdam and the University of Arts in Berlin (UdK). Bas is using it to explore how it, and other filmic techniques, might build bridges between designers and the people they study. Korsakow is interesting in that clips can be remixed by viewers into a plot of their own design, thus co-creating the meaning of the film with the filmmaker. It does this through a database that links clips with identified key words. Some of Bas's work will be online soon.

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Paula Neal of PDD, (a product design and innovation company committed to user-centred research). She introduced me to the scope of interdisciplinary creativity that goes on in a huge warehouse space in Shepherds Bush. In particular (if I can narrow it down) I really liked the digital footage archiving system that researchers use to catalogue clips, complete with annotation, for easy searching by anyone for any project. You can imagine the size of their backup system!

Both meetings and tool intro's reinvigorated my creative thinkings about the box of footage, images, sound and interview transcripts I have gathered over the last 15months from my bus research. mmmmmm
- kat