Monday, November 01, 2004

Monument Erected, History Annexed. Last Thurs, I attended my first public unveiling of a statue, and my first event presided over by a royal. In this case, his Royal Highness, the Earl of Wessex. When he pulled the ripcord, we beheld a statue of Alan Turing, cast in bronze. Monumental indeed, but somehow not large enough. It was several heads higher than most people, but would (if The People decided someday that Alan Turing needed to be overthrown) have looked awkwardly underwhelming were someone to try and topple it. Alan Turing never worked at Surrey as an adult, but had spent a part of his childhood in Guildford, the city which hosts the University of Surrey. So, why not? Apparently, the Earl then visited the dance department at Surrey, the royals not being a family to unveil and run.