Friday, November 26, 2004

Tomorrow I leave for Australia. And I won't really stop leaving until Monday, when I land and exit airports. It's a not-so-modest tour, and most of all, a chance to strengthen working relations and friendships with Melissa Gregg, Jean Burgess, and Jane Simon. In Brisbane, I'm visiting and giving a talk to people at Jean's institutional home, Creative Industries Research and Application Centre, at Queensland University of Technology. Then, a brief trip to Sydney for a south hemispheric interlude—in order to see Sydney and to visit with Jane. Then back to Brisbane to attend the Internet Masterclass workshop at the University of Queensland, where Melissa works. And finally, to Perth with the foursome, where we are hosting a panel called "Fields of Uncool: Counter-heroics and Counter-professionalism in Cultural Studies" at the CSAA conference "Everyday Transformations.

[pause for breath] I'm very lucky to be going. And excited. I'll report back in 2005, if not along the way.