Monday, January 10, 2005

A review of the 2004 Korsakow Project; New Frontiers in Documentary masterclass has been posted on the Korsakow website. I was first introduced to this interactive narrative software by Bas of the RCA who is experimenting with it in his PhD. These are some of the experimental uses of the software that were presented at the event;

Bregtje van der Haak - "interactive rendering of a film about the architect Rem Koolhaas’ research on the city of Lagos. Although it is originally shot as a linear film, she reshaped it into an interactive form. She claims that this is actually better for experiencing the real essence of Lagos. It makes you look more closely at the images and you see details better when you have to make choices."

Florian Thalhofer - "interactive multichannel documentary project about a social housing project in Bremen-Nord. He spent a month in Bremen to film and interview the locals and kept an online diary so that people could react to it immediately. So he used the Internet as well as live images as a basis to create an interactive film."

Marijke Jongbloed - "presented her project Love Choice in Cyberspace. This was originally a radiodocumentary about the Internet dating circuit. She co-created a website on which the radiodocumentary can be heard. This also shows how the different old and new media merge within the documentary form."