Saturday, April 02, 2005

A small personal mobile phone gripe.

Scene 1: My sony ericsson K700i flatlines last weekend. Prior to its sudden demise it corrupted a number of incoming and outgoing texts and then blanked, never to return. An obvious (major) software issue.

Scene 2: I take the dead object to the T-Mobile repair shop on Oxford Street. No I didn't drop it. No it doesn't have liquid damage. It's a software issue. Yes it is under warranty. Yes I have been a customer for five years. Yes they will check it over to determine the problem. No there are no replacement phones available. When will it be fixed? In two hours more will be known and it might be fixed. Pop back in then. But I'm not intending on shopping for two hours. Can they call me? [Fortunately I have an old handset so am still mobile. Others in line were not so lucky.] No they don't do that. You have to come back in to the store.

Scene 3: I cannot return to the shop until two days later. Yes, it was a software issue. No they couldn't fix it. So they sent it to the manufacturer for repair. Can I have a replacement? No. When will it be back? Maybe Wednesday or Thursday next week. Best come in Saturday. It should be back by then. But that is another week. Can you call me? No we don't do that. But you're a phone company that exists to provide a communication service. Can I call you? No. You have to come back into the store.

I asked if they understood the irony of the situation. They said yes.

- kat