Monday, May 02, 2005

INCITE/ INTEL Privacy workshop

It's been a busy few weeks leading up to a few big INCITE events.

Last Thursday and (half of) Friday saw the University of Surrey play host to the INCITE and INTEL Privacy workshop. We were lucky to have the pleasure of 15 very smart and fun people talking about and commenting on new research projects. The purpose of the event was to discuss projects and thinking around privacy/technology issues, make use of each other’s knowledge and debate insights generated.

Participants included:

INTEL, PAPR research lab members:
Ken Anderson, Senior Researcher/Design Anthropologist
Michele Chang, Interaction Design Researcher
Sunny Consolvo, Senior Researcher
Scott Mainwaring, Senior Researcher
Wendy March, Interaction Design Researcher

Department of Sociology, University of Surrey:
Kris Cohen, Research Fellow, INCITE
Mary Ebeling, Postgrad student, INCITE
Jo Moran Ellis, Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Nicola Green, Lecturer in Sociology
Gerard Oleksik, Postgrad student, INCITE
Nina Wakeford, Reader in Sociology and Director of INCITE
Steve Smith, Postgrad student, INCITE

UK social scientists:
Georgina Born, Reader in Sociology, Anthropology and Music, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge
Daniel Neyland, Senior Research Fellow, Science & Technology, Oxford Said Business School

A literature review of UK and European empirical research around the areas of privacy will shortly be posted on the INCITE website. Mary also documented the event and this too will be available soon.

Thanks to everyone for making it a valuable two days.