Thursday, May 05, 2005

INCITE/ RCA - day four

It's meant to be a week long collaborative experiment yet it has felt neither like a week nor particularly long. Time has taken on a slippery sheen. Hours have disappeared yet days have run on. Piles of paper grow ever larger. Each ripped piece still important for some scribbled reason. Pairs huddle, walk and talk in tandem. We've been eating at desks, in transit and during crits. For me, it seems there have been few moments when I haven't been thinking about, chewing over or worrying about my collaborative challenge. (If this is my response then the sleep research/design team must be really blurring the boundaries!)

Everyone is deeply involved in their projects, so much so that although we glimpse each other occasionally scurrying back from field trips, to and from scanners and photocopiers, with increasingly interesting bundles of diagrams, piles of data and modeling materials there have been few spaces for leisurely inter-group chat. So I imagine everyone is looking forward to tomorrow to see what has been going on around the studio.

Just to recap, the pairs have been working on:

George + Kris - Personal Photography Online & Photoblogs
Joe + Monica - Mexican Women's experience on Racism, Mestizaje & National Identity
Matthew + Beckie - Girls, Bodies & Images
Tamsin and Bas + Jenny and Sue - Women's Sleep
Tom + Vicky - The contemporary construction of Greekness
Jon + me - No.73 bus

Tomorrow is the final day of the collaboration. At 13.00 every pair will present their design solution or research artefact or whatever they are calling it to the group. We are meeting at UniS for the final session which will encompass individual, pair and disciplinary reflections on the project. Now, enough blogging. I need to finish my work.