Tuesday, May 03, 2005

INCITE/RCA - day one

The other big event which kicked off on Friday afternoon is the RCA/ INCITE collaboration. It's a week long experiment during which interaction design students from RCA Interaction design unit are collaborating with sociologists from INCITE, University of Surrey and Goldsmiths College. It's being run by Nina Wakeford (INCITE) and Lucy Kimbell and Nina Pope (RCA).

The pairings include:

- George Grinsted + Kris Cohen
- Joe Malia + Monica Moreno
- Jon Arden + me
- Matthew Falla + Beckie Coleman
- Tamsin Fulton & Bas Raijmakers + Jenny Hislop & Sue Venn
- Tom Jenkins + Vicky Skiftou

Whilst Friday afternoon provided a valuable overview of sociological and interaction design perspectives and a collaboration experience case study, today marked the real (uncomfortable and exciting) start to the event. Pairs were tasked with negotiating shared interests, complementary skills and theoretical frameworks. After a series of iterative idea generation exercises each pair had to present their working brief to the group. I can only speak for my own experience and I found it an exhausting but very interesting day. I'll be detailing my views, sketches and (no doubt) emotional ups and downs on my bus blog as this is the project from which Jon and I are drawing inspiration. Tomorrow many pairs are in the field for some quick and dirty research before coming back to another group crit at 4pm.

More updates to come.

- kat